Slimming Gua Sha

What is Slimming Gua Sha

Slimming gua sha is a variation of the traditional Chinese therapeutic method called gua sha. While traditional gua sha is often used to improve circulation and reduce muscle tension, slimming gua sha is aimed explicitly at contouring the face and reducing facial sagging.

This method typically involves using a scraping tool (usually made of jade or porcelain) to gently rub or scrape the skin’s surface in areas such as the waist, abdomen, legs, and arms. The goal is to promote blood circulation, enhance metabolism, and assist in eliminating fluids and toxins accumulated in the body, potentially aiding in fat reduction and skin firming.

Although primarily known for its rejuvenating properties, facial Gua Sha can also be used to contour and slim the face. Techniques focus on reducing puffiness, tightening the skin, and enhancing facial features for a more sculpted appearance.

gua sha facial slimming

Benefits of Slimming Gua Sha:

Slimming Gua Sha is a unique facial massage technique that uses a specially shaped jade or marble stone tool to target acupressure points on the face, helping to:

  • Promote blood circulation: Improves skin complexion, reduces puffiness, and brightens the face.
  • Stimulate the lymphatic system: Aids in toxin elimination, reduces swelling, and improves drainage.
  • Boost collagen production: Firms and tones the skin, reducing wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Sculpt a slimmer facial contour: Defines the V-line and reduces chubby cheeks and double chin.

slimming gua sha

  • Natural and safe: Non-invasive, painless, and suitable for all skin types.
  • Long-lasting results: Regular practice delivers optimal effects.
  • Easy to perform: This can be done at home with detailed instructions.
  • Cost-effective: Compared to expensive cosmetic procedures

Here are some additional details about the Slimming Gua Sha service offered at OM ORIENTAL SPA:

  • Experienced and qualified therapists perform the service.
  • The therapists use high-quality jade or marble Gua Sha tools.
  • The spa provides a variety of Gua Sha massage techniques to suit individual needs.
  • The spa also offers other skincare services that can be combined with Slimming Gua Sha for enhanced results.

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If you want to try Slimming Gua Sha, OM ORIENTAL SPA is a great place to start. The spa offers a relaxing and professional environment where you can experience the benefits of this traditional Chinese healing technique.

Slimming Gua Sha Procedure at OM ORIENTAL SPA

At OM Spa, we proudly present our Slimming Gua Sha service. This revolutionary approach combines the ancient practice of Gua Sha with cutting-edge techniques to sculpt and redefine your body’s contours. 

  • Cleanse your face: Remove dirt and makeup to allow better absorption of skincare products.
  • Apply oil or serum: Facilitates smooth gliding of the Gua Sha tool and enhances massage benefits.
  • Follow the massage instructions: Use the Gua Sha tool to move along the facial contours, applying gentle and even pressure.
  • Clean the Gua Sha tool: Sanitize the tool after each use.

Precautions when using Slimming Gua Sha

  • Choose the right tool: Consider the material, shape, and size suitable for your face.
  • Be gentle: Avoid applying excessive pressure to prevent skin damage.
  • Be consistent: Maintain a frequency of 2-3 times weekly for optimal results.
  • Consult a doctor If you have any skin conditions.

Slimming Gua Sha is an effective, safe, and cost-effective way to achieve a slimmer, brighter, and more youthful face. Try incorporating this method into your skincare routine and enjoy the benefits!

Price of Slimming Gua Sha services

The price of Slimming Gua Sha services can vary depending on several factors, including the spa’s location, the practitioner’s expertise, the duration of each session, and any additional services included in the treatment. At OM, we provide affordable for everyone, let’s see it: 

  • OM Signature massage

Fusion of medium to solid pressure massage to relieve our stressed and tense muscles

60 mins: 850.000 VNĐ

90 mins: 1.200.000 VNĐ

  • Chinese Oriental Massage

A traditional technique that heals the body, Tui Na improves mobility and circulation health by correcting the flow of Qi and restoring harmony and balance in the body. It is completed with a 15-minute herbal mud mask on the back.

60 mins: 1.000.000 VNĐ

90 mins: 1.300.000 VNĐ

  • De-stress back reviver 

After long hours at the desk, traditional Gua Sha promotes blood circulation and heals back pain, paired with full-body herbal moxibustion.

60 mins: 800.000 VNĐ

  • Hot Stone Therapy

Combining with a human touch, this therapy uses the warmth from hot stone to restore, balance, and re-energize the body. Experience a deep sense of calm, relaxation, and total well-being.

60 mins: 900.000 VNĐ

  • Breast Care

For ladies only, massage with herbal essential oil that helps with clogging, firming, and sagging, complete with a ginger mud mask.

45 mins: 550.000 VNĐ

  • Tummy Care 

It helps those with poor digestive health, and when paired with herbal essential oil and an herbal mud mask, it removes toxins and promotes slimming.

45 mins: 550.000 VNĐ

  • Localized Bojin Gua Sha

The hand, lower back, head, or neck are optional additions to the area that you want to focus on.

30 mins: 350.000 VNĐ

  • Full body Moxibustion

Experience the whole body moxibustion for overall body health once a week to see overall health improvements

30 mins: 480.000 VNĐ