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Health & Wellness Spa

Drawing on Asian traditions towards holistic way in modern approach. Our health and beauty remedies combines the use of traditional herbs and techniques to calm your mind and heal the body inside out. In our sanctuary, “Breathing in, I arrive in my body. Breathing out I am home”.

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Accupressure massages

Accupressure massages are focused on providing treatments that improve the appearance of the skin, inner health for women. Services may include facials and massages.

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Ancient Chinese Techniques & Moxibustion

Ancient Chinese Technique & Moxibustion are designed to offer treatments that promote good health and wellness. Services may include massages, facials, body wraps.

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Relaxation are including Aqua Head massage and Thermal herbal Bath

Relax and detoxify

Our services will appeal to everyone

Different ways to approach wellness

Wellness and health are important for everyone. By taking steps to improve your wellness and health, you can improve your quality of life and reduce your risk of developing chronic diseases. There are many different ways to approach wellness and health. Some people focus on one area, such as physical fitness, while others take a more holistic approach that includes all aspects of wellness.

Relax and detoxify

Our Signature Treatments

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Guasha - TCM Massage

Helps to relieve tension and tightness, release blockage in the meridians, promote blood circulation and dispel toxins from the body

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Treatment Spa

Restoring the radiance and face lifting due to skin dulling and poor blood circulation on face

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Therapeutic Herbal Bath

Different kinds of herbs infused and brew that helps to remove the toxins and water retention in our body, increase our immune systems and blood circulation


Foot Relief Therapy

Indulge with our herbal foot scrub, stimulate the body with specific acupoints pressure applied to the feet and based on the deep rooted therory that the feet reflects the body

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Full body Moxibustion

Experience the full body moxibustion for overall body health, once a week to see overall health improvements

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Royal Herbal Head Spa

Well-loved head spa with 50 over kinds of herbs used in the herbal steam, hands, neck & shoulder massage with tea tree oil and Chinese traditions head care methodology

OM Oriental Spa

Welcome to our spa! OM Oriental embodies a high standard of service delivery and the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Methods (TCM) in our treatments for our guests at HCMC. We aspire to educate and incorporate the knowledge of TCM towards holistic health and wellness management into our daily life. At OM Oriental, we believe that prevention is better than cure, and boosting of immunity is the key to a healthy lifestyle. With a modern approach, we practice the use of Traditional Chinese Non-Medicinal therapy approach such as: TCM gua sha, TCM massage, moxibustion and treatment spa. With the aim to improve the health of each individual and helping them seek a natural way of maintaining a healthy body.

“Wellness and Health is a broad topic that includes everything from physical fitness to mental and emotional well-being. It also encompasses topics like nutrition, stress management, and disease prevention."
~ Dr. Susan